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Prior to your consultation with Dr Aaron, you will be required to fill out your medical history on the Hot Doc platform. This is a detailed history, attempting to collate information about you that will assist Dr Aaron in making a diagnosis. It will cover a number of systems however it is by no means complete. Please feel free to add any information you feel will be useful.

This will be uploaded to your medical file for Dr Aaron to review before your consultation. Please be as detailed as possible when answering the questions.

As this will be either a video consultation or a telephonic consultation, Dr Aaron will not be able to undertake a physical examination. It is therefore important for you to have had a recent blood pressure measurement done by your GP, your local pharmacy, or using your home blood pressure monitor. Please provide Dr Aaron with this result to enter into your file. Please have your blood pressure checked at least annually and inform Dr Aaron of any updated readings.

A Breast mammogram, ultrasound or breast examination by your GP and/or yourself is an important part of your necessary screening, particularly from the age of 50 onwards. Please provide Dr Aaron with a copy of your most recent mammogram or breast ultrasound by emailing an original report or a photograph of a report to: [email protected].

For those patients who have their uterus intact, cervical screening every 5 years is recommended. Please advise Dr Aaron when your most recent pap smear was done and whether this was normal or not.

Those women who have a higher risk of osteoporosis should consider having a 2-yearly bone density scan. It may be recommended by Dr Aaron to have an initial bone density scan so that there is a baseline against which comparisons can be made in the future.

If you have any recent blood results or other results please email them to Dr Aaron at: [email protected] as these may be useful.

During your initial consultation, Dr Aaron will go through your medical history with you and fill in any other important information. You will have a chance to ask questions and share other details that you had left out of the questionnaire.

Dr Aaron may order some tests if further investigation is required.

If Dr Aaron feels that perimenopause or menopause is not the cause of your symptoms, or if there are other medical conditions that are mimicking the symptoms of menopause, or if you have a condition that requires immediate management before treating your menopause symptoms, then you may be referred to a specialist or back to your GP for further management.

If a diagnosis of menopause or peri-menopause is made, Dr Aaron will discuss your treatment options with you as well as some lifestyle recommendations. He will also go through the possible side effects of the different treatments.

If you choose to proceed with a prescribed treatment, Dr Aaron will provide you with an electronic prescription for your treatment.

A follow up consultation after 4-6 weeks will be arranged to review your response to your treatment. Further consultations will be arranged for you until you are satisfied that your treatment is providing you with the benefit you require.

Dr Aaron likes to review all his patients at least once a year ongoing while on treatment to ensure that your treatment is correct, and your symptoms are well managed. At some point in time in the future, Dr Aaron will be recommending a trial of weaning off your treatment, to see if you can continue to be symptom free without treatment. If your symptoms return, your treatment can continue at the previous dosage and the weaning off process can be attempted again at a later date.

If you choose to stay on treatment longterm, Dr Aaron will discuss the risks and benefits of staying on treatment.

Dr Aaron considers continuity of care and communication with your GP important. Please provide your GP's details so that he can write to your GP to keep your GP updated about your progress.

Dr Aaron is a General Practitioner (GP). My Menopause Doctor is not a General Practice and as such, the scope of Dr Aaron's practice is limited to patients' needs related to Menopause, Perimenopause and Premenstrual Syndrome. Dr Aaron will not treat or advise on any unrelated conditions. If you require a physical examination or interventions for unrelated health issues, Dr Aaron will refer you to a specialist or to your GP.


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